What Is Techwear? "A Brief History Behind The Underground Trend"

What Is Techwear? "A Brief History Behind The Underground Trend"

What Is the Techwear underground trend?

Tech wear stands for technical clothing or technical apparel.

Tech wear is a derivative of urban street wear and is fast becoming a growing underground fashion trend, Drawing inspiration from Military functional clothing, futuristic cuts, ninja aesthetics and cyberpunk pop culture, giving a unique dystopian vibe.
Comprised of durable materials that will keep you warm and dry in the rain with enhancement of functionality with layered garments and modular accessories, bringing improvements to everyday life with extra pockets for storage while also having comfort in mind.

All of this cultivates into visually appealing aesthetics with straps, sharp angles, sharp lines and fifty shades of black.

Origins of Techwear

Techno-Oriantalism, Utilitarianism and Goretex, Techwear is combination of all three seemingly unrelated things that blend together into a mix of monochromatic Cyberpunk ninja, with roots deep in pop culture but yet popularized by the internet.
Techwear is a perfect fit for individuals looking to brave the outdoors without rain checks.

Can i afford Techwear?

Techwear over the past couple years since the start of the pandemic has now become a much affordable fashion trend then what it used to be as a very niche and expensive lifestyle.

At first glance, getting the techwear look just right may seem daunting, but if you follow these basic principles, you’ll be confident in your styling. let’s take a look at what your standard techwear outfit would entail.

  • Outerwear
    The most obvious techwear outerwear apparel is a jacket. In particular, Techwear jackets command attention as they tend to exhibit aggressive silhouettes, unconventional designs and futuristic appeal.
  • Mid-layers
    Designed to keep you warm and dry. Down vests, hoodies, insulating shirts and fleeces are common mid-layer clothing apparel. While mid-layers offer another layer of protection, their versatility comes in handy when swapping liners with the use of zippers.
  • Base layer
    Sitting right against the skin and does a great job at shielding you from moisture. Their goal is to keep you dry especially during strenuous activity.
  • Pants
    These come in a variety of styles and represent a growing segment of the niche. Ideal techwear pants should allow free and easy when moving. Look for pants that offer a water repellency, stretch and breathability.
  • Footwear and accessories
    Functionality, comfort, robustness are everything that comes to mind for your footwear choice


Make the jump and start your Techwear Journey today!

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